This is not a "pen hunt."  Our bison have free range over our very large ranch.  We usually drive as close to the herd as the buffalo and the terrain will allow before "dismounting" for a shot.  Depending on terrain and the situation, often we can do a "stalk and shoot" hunt, but not always.  Bison are curious creatures.  Normally, they hang around assessing us before deciding to move on.  This is a hunt for experienced hunters ... bison are not easy to kill and require a practiced and accurate marksman.
 The "Buffalo Truck"
Long range big game rifles only.  Bows, black powder, or short range weapons not allowed. 
We adhere to Wyoming Game and Fish Department's minimum for rifles for shooting buffalo, which dictate they shall only be taken with a firearm which has a barrel bore diameter of at least twenty-seven hundredths of an inch (.27) and is chambered to fire a center-fire cartridge not less than two inches in overall length, including a soft or expanding point bullet seated to a normal depth.  The cartridge shall have a minimum of a one hundred fifty grain bullet  BISON ARE TOUGH!  We recommend at least .30 caliber for bison. Please use solid bullets, such as Nosler Solid, Barnes Banded Solid, or North Fork Technologies Solids. Other types have not been satisfactory with buffalo. Also, lead bullets can leave toxic lead in your meat. 
Rodeo Nebraska
An artistic look at contemporary rodeo culture and the rural communities they revolve around.

“Mark Harris has created a captivating tribute to rodeo like no other.” —Joel Sartore, National Geographic photographer