Looking forward to seeing you next year! Since living here in Idaho I have tried Buffalo from the Fort Hall reservation, Ted Turners place at the Red Rock Ranch in MT, and the herd in Fort Bridger WY, none of them were bad but none as good as yours!!

Dear Peggy, Larry and Brad,
We want to thank you for the fantastic day.  The hunt was so special with Brad explaining everything well and telling us about habits and history of the buffalo.  Seeing the ranch with Larry was another great experience.  His knowledge of the history of the area plus his sense of humor made it a wonderful afternoon.  We’ve told all our family and friends what a remarkable experience it was and hope to come back again for another hunt!  Also, after having major surgery, the buffalo meat is one thing I can still eat!
Jean, Fred and Chris

Dear Larry, Peggy and Brad, 
Thanks for the awesome day on the ranch, it was so comfortable being your guest on the hunt.  We have been enjoying the meat so much already.  It means a lot to me to be able to bring meat home to my family that is of the highest quality and I know is treated correctly.  You all run a beautiful ranch, that I know these animals are thriving on.  I really respect you all!  Thanks so much!

I am writing to thank all of you for a great experience I will never forget.  I am grateful that I was able to spend the day on your ranch and promote good hunting with my son.  You are great people to open your ranch for us for a buffalo hunt. 
Sincerely,  Ben

Thank you for letting my dad and me hunt on your land.  I hope I can hear more stories someday!
Sincerely,  Wade (Ben’s son)

Good morning Peggy, Larry and Brad!
I so much again enjoyed Your Beautiful Ranch and listening to the storied History associated with it - Such a magnificent setting with Laramie Peak in the background! What a wonderful day and exciting hunt we had - Brad was the greatest picking  out several really nice bulls, but, no opening. Larry came with the Buffalo Truck to help out, but, they were still too tight. I appreciated your patience with me as I missed out on one opening - but - Brad just kept working with me to the final end, when, my wonderfully beautiful Bull, opened up for us. So exciting and what a Grand Bull I have. He is skinned out and in the cooler - His Head  is skinned out and he will be European mounted to carry this great memory on for many years - I thank you, so much, for allowing my daughters to join with me on this so exciting adventure - which made, the day, and, the experience, even better, as we had not been able to hunt together since they were teenagers. Again Thank you Brad and Larry and  Peggy
Fred -Tonja - Kathy

Hello Peggy, Larry and Brad,
Thank you all for a very enjoyable morning at Twin Pine. As always, it was an adventure that will not be forgotten! The ranch was beautiful as always, the bison were majestic, Peggy maintained her exceptional attention to detail, Larry was his usual entertaining self and Brad was an outstanding guide and all around great person. The weather was memorable, as the fog made the hunt all the more interesting. My now grow children still talk about their experiences at your ranch, so you've had an impact on a future generation of hunters. I wish you all continued success! 
Best wishes, Tie

Hi Peggy, we are already missing you, Larry, and Brad. We had a terrific time as always. Please convey my thanks to all.  Brad was patient and helpful as always. Big thanks to Larry for all his assistance, especially his coaching Dean and skinning.  Invaluable! We never stop talking about the beauty and history of your ranch.  It is truly a special place. Each time we are out Larry shares a few more historical tidbits . . . just amazing. We thank you and appreciate your hospitality while we are at your place. 
Best wishes. Tom

I So much again enjoyed Your Beautiful Ranch and listening to the storied History associated with it - Such a magnificent setting with Laramie Peak in the background! What a wonderful day and exciting hunt we had. Brad was the greatest picking out several really nice bulls, but, no opening. Larry came with the Buffalo Truck to help out, but, they were still too tight. I appreciated your patience with me as I missed out on one opening - but - Brad just kept working with me to the final end, when, my wonderfully beautiful Bull, opened up for us. So exciting and what a Grand Bull I have. He is skinned out and in the cooler - His Head  is skinned out and he will be European mounted to carry this great memory on for many years - I thank you, so much, for allowing my daughters to join with me on this so exciting adventure - which made the day and the experience even better, as we had not been able to hunt together since they were teenagers. Again Thank you Brad and Larry and Peggy.
Fred -Tonja - Kathy

Dear Peggy, Larry and Brad,
We just had to send you a note to thank you again, not only for the privilege of hunting your buffalo, but for the adventure of a lifetime!  It was as much a treat to learn about your ranch and its history as it was to hunt.  The whole experience was amazing! We got home safely with a freezer full of buffalo meat and you were right ... it’s the best meat we’ve ever eaten! Again, many thanks!
Kelly and Mark

Dear Peggy, Larry and Brad,
I just wanted to write and thank you for another memorable hunt at Twin Pine Ranch. We enjoyed getting to know Brad and he is a great guide, very patient and informative. Believe it or not, one of my favorite parts of the hunt is seeing Larry drive and handle the big Duce and a Half. It sure makes easy work of getting the buffalo taken care of in short order. We will enjoy the memories and the meat. You have a beautiful ranch, and we thoroughly enjoy coming and visiting and seeing the wildlife you have on your place. Regards,

Hi Peggy:
I just want to thank you for all your kindness over the years. I think we now have harvested 8 bison. All our families love the meat and it is really the only red meat we eat.  Every year Larry shows us more of the ranch and it is always an amazing lesson in geology and history. His talk on why the Rockies formed was most informative and his inquisitive mind is amazing. Peggy, I just really look forward to this hunt every year. My passion remains archery elk hunting but the bison at Twin Pine is catching up fast. Thanks to all of you and we will be thinking of you. 

Hello Peggy,
Thank you, Larry and of course Brad for the most memorable hunt yet! It was great to see everyone and your beautiful ranch again. The rattlesnake, coyote and beaver just added to the fun and memory of this hunt.  The bison was taken to the processor, the head and hide went to the taxidermist.  The head will be a skull mount and the hide will be tanned into leather for gloves. Thank you all for the experience of a lifetime. I'm not sure how I can ever thank you all enough. Best wishes for the remainder of 2014 and have a safe and prosperous 2015!
Tie and Mary

Hello Peggy:   
I want to thank you, Larry and Brad for a great experience.  We really had a great time.  We want to especially thank you for your hospitality, great correspondence, and just making us feel so comfortable.  We want to thank Brad for his great stories about the ranch and knowledge about the buffalo and his patience with the three of us -- he was great.  I would also like to thank Larry for area history information and the ride back to the ranch house in the 2 1/2 ton truck -- kind of reminded me of my military days.  I am sure the buffalo will be great table fare.  We start butchering tomorrow.  Again, thank you so much for the great trip and hope to see you again.

Dear Peggy:
Thank you so much for giving my son and myself the opportunity of a lifetime, by allowing us to hunt bison on your ranch.  We truly enjoyed our time spent with you , Larry & Brad.  The meat is the best tasting , most tender we have ever eaten; we refer to it as "meat candy."  I hope we will have the chance to come back and hunt with all of you again sometime.  We took the hides and heads to Wildlife Creations and can't wait to enjoy them in our home.  Once again thank you, and please say hello to Larry and Brad for us!!!
Dennis & Dylan

Hi Peggy, 
Thanks for giving us the special opportunity to hunt.  It was nice to finally meet all of you in person and to see your beautiful ranch.  Your animals seem to prosper there as do you.  It took Kris, my wife and I three days to completely process the animal and get it into our freezers.  We have had a couple of meals from it so far and the flavor and texture has been great.  Tell Larry that we very much appreciate his helping us skin the animal and giving us tips about field dressing elk in the back country, and thank Brad for guiding us.  It was nice to spend time with both.  Once again, we greatly appreciate having been granted the special opportunity you have allowed us and hope to have another opportunity in the future. 

Hi Peggy,
We absolutely love the ranch and seeing both you,  Larry and Brad.  Brad was terrific, but you already know that.  It was a special treat to be with Larry in the truck this year.  His passion for the ranch and its history are fun for learning more about the native American culture and the history out there.  You guys live in a special place.  It is wonderful and beautiful.  Thank you for the hospitality once again this year.  We have nothing but good thoughts and memories for our experiences on the ranch.  Best wishes on a wonderful holiday season and a blessed Christmas. 

Peggy, Thank you very much! Rick and I had a tremendously good time! I must ask you to tell Larry and Brad thank you so much for helping Rick and me with skinning our bison. I learned a lot from Larry, it was very educational! I would recommend your bison hunt to anyone. Thank you again!

Good morning Peggy, Larry and Brad,
Thanks so much for the wonderful hospitality. A good part of the pleasure we get from hunting is meeting and being around other folks. Country people are our type and we surely enjoyed visiting with you all. Larry let me ride back to the ranch with him in the buffalo truck, which I really enjoyed. Brad was fun to be with and I enjoyed learning more about the history of the area (I'm fascinated with western history). Thank you again for the kind assistance and hospitality.
Sincerely, Clay

We want to thank you for your hospitality. Pat and I both thoroughly enjoyed our visit. Pat took some nice pictures of the herd and several buffalo. We enjoyed the teepee rings, the house of ill repute, and the ovens. Your ranch is one of the few places I have been where there is history and you can still see it. Switching to Buffalo from cattle seems only logical considering your ranch.  I do think buffalo are amazing animals and I do feel sad when I harvest one. We find we can hardly stand beef anymore, the buffalo is so healthy and tasty. Roger did a very good job of processing and we will continue to use him. He is sure a nice person and not afraid of hard work. I cannot imagine anybody foolish enough to think they can field dress a buffalo like Larry and Brad. Hope you have a wonderful winter and get some place warm for some of it. If you ever come our way, be sure to let us know. We would be happy to show you around here. 
See you next fall. Thanks again for the hospitality. 

Hi Peggy, Larry, and Brad: 
Son Brad and I enjoyed our hunt and it is always fun.  We enjoyed getting close to the buffalo and are always amazed with them. The more we hunt Twin Pine, the more we can appreciate how amazing these animals are. I have never seen new calves under a few weeks old and we were amazed how protective the mother and the rest of the herd are to these little ones. Our buffalo made it to Roger in great shape and we are certainly in store for some good eating this winter.  We enjoyed being out and seeing the sights, which is why we hunt. It is always special to hunt with your son and this has been a good week for that. We want to thank everybody for a great adventure and we will see you next October. Thanks for sharing with Brad and me.

Peggy, Larry and Brad:
The hunt and the experience was really Top Shelf; all the information on your ranch and the buffalo was appreciated, welcome and informative.  Was a real pleasure to meet all you folks as well. It was a hunt of a lifetime for me.  Your guide was excellent, patient, and fun to be around! We have the meat in the cooler skinned just as Larry had explained and it came out really nice.  Hope we can do it again when your herd allows its availability to us again! So looking forward to many nice meals from this animal!! Thanks so much for allowing us to see your wonderful ranch and enjoy your company and a fabulous hunt.

Hi Peggy,
Thanks for another outstanding experience on your wonderful ranch.  Elk, deer, eagles, pronghorns, and bison too.  Brad is a perfecto guide, and Larry is just a master of so much, not to mention his historical knowledge and true love of the land.  I genuinely enjoyed his regaling me with tales of the history of the place on our ride back into the barnyard.  Not being the shooter this time, learning about the Twin Pine's past was every bit as involving. The two bison will be all packaged by today.  The skins are salted and will be sent to the tannery Monday. This was a big deal, especially for my son and me.  He'd practiced hard to make sure his rifle was exactly on and that his skills matched the rifle's ability.  In town, he was shooting groups of three-hole shots at 120 yards, and it paid off with his bison on your ranch. Thanks for all.

Hi Peggy, 
Thank you so much for letting us intrude on your beautiful ranch for our annual hunt, now five years in a row! Your hospitality and service is second to none (Larry and Brad included of course), I truly believe our relationship has turned into a lifelong friendship. I am honored to share the meat you have provided for us with my family and friends. Thanks so much for inviting us back next year, it is an absolute privilege to spend another day at the Twin Pine Ranch.
Rob   ps: My son Joel had an awesome day!

Thanks again for letting us come to your ranch to hunt and yes, you are right, they are all nice guys & good friends.  They all enjoyed the hunt and spending time visiting with Larry & Brad.  Larry was nice enough to take time and share a lot of history about the ranch and was very informative.  Brad was great, he helped us pick out nice bulls, let us take our time; that means a lot when hunting.  It's always great hunting with friends on a ranch like yours, doesn't get any better. Tell Larry & Brad thanks for us.  
Thanks again, Peggy.         

To Peggy, Larry and Brad:
 I just wanted to let you know that the experience on your Ranch was unbelievable . The beauty of the area, the majestic buffalo, interesting stories of Larry, Brad and yourself  made it a very special experience. Thank you for sharing your Ranch and stories;  I will never forget !! 
Greetings , the Dutchman , Koos

Dear Peggy and Larry,
My son and I had a great time this morning at Twin Pine Ranch. Thank you again for the hospitality, superb bison experience and the time to see your incredible ranch. Wow!  Brian and I enjoyed Larry's company and historical knowledge of the area and ranch. I'm sure some folks come only for the bison hunting, not realizing the role that the area played in our country's rich and colorful history. Larry adds that extra dimension to the hunting experience! Brad was a model guide--patient, a great sense of humor, understanding of people and determined to help the hunter in any way. Who could ask for more...  Twin Pine has always provided great hunts for everyone in my family (wife, son and daughter), experiences that they will not forget. I hope to book again when I get room in my freezers from all the successful hunts at Twin Pine.  Thank you!
Tie and Brian

Peggy and Larry,
Just wanted you to know that Twin Pine Ranch exceeded all our expectations.  We really enjoyed the history and geology lesson from Larry and the setting is about as original as you can get. All of us filled our antelope tags as well, up north. So not only did we bring two buffalo home, we had antelope for icing on the cake. :) Eastern Wyoming is a special place.
Thanks for a great hunt! 

Hi, Peggy, Larry, and Brad:
Thanks again for a perfectamundo experience. Nothing could have been better. And the early fog added so much to the drama. I don't know how you did it, but that was definitely a super touch. Larry, I think if we can have another couple dozen lessons, that there still might be a teenie bit of hope that we boys
might, just might, learn the intricacies of bison skinning, or at least the basics. Thanks very much for your patience with our bumbling. And Peggy, thanks for all your efforts in making everything run so
absolutely smoothly. Have a terrific winter.
Bill, Ron and Eric

I had a great hunt, Brad set up on the herd like a pro, and we got in front of them! Awesome experience! We had a great spot in between some rocks safe from the herd yet with good safe shooting lanes.
It's why I keep coming back is those type of experiences and great company and stories! I feel very lucky to get such a good animal. It provides my family and friends with the best possible nutrition. Thanks once again for a great hunt and meat!

Peggy, Larry and Brad
Let us say we had a great time! Your bunch did a fine job of greeting everyone and engaging them in the hunt. My sons really enjoyed Larry and Brad. In addition to the buffalo hunt just the nostalgia of the setting is difficult to put to words. I wished we had time to go around the ranch to see and hear about the history.  Brad's knowledge of the hunt and the techniques required to get a good, clear, precise shot meant a great deal to me. I/we look forward to our next opportunity to participate in a hunt on your ranch with you all. 
Robert Lawley Jr.

Dear Peggy,
This fall was the first time I visited your ranch and I must tell you what a great experience it was. I love everything about Wyoming from the natural beauty, the wide open spaces, the history, and the friendliness and character of the folks who live there. Your warm welcome and Larry's knowledge of the land and sense of humor made the day even more enjoyable. Say hello as well to Brad, a very good guide. This was our first real taste test for bison and we won't be going back to beef unless we have to. We have used your advice of "low and slow" and everything we've had so far, from meatloaf to roasts and steaks has been the best. We are hoarding the bison and giving away some old cow left in the freezer. Even though we met for only a short time, it was very memorable and I am looking forward to next fall. Sign me up for future years, I'm coming back (if you let me)!
Best wishes, Paul from Washington

Hi Peggy, Larry and Brad, 
That was so nice of you to send the hints on cooking buffalo.  We are anxious to try it out.  We ended up bringing half of it home from the processor's for my Brad to cut up. Can't believe he wants to do this????  (What do I know??) We just thoroughly enjoyed ourselves on this hunt regardless of the bad weather.  I would love to see your place in the summer time, as I'll bet its beautiful then too.  Your Brad was a perfect guide and so patient with us.  I'd like to thank him again.  He is very knowledgable about the buffalo and also the history on your ranch, plus he's very personable.  We enjoyed Larry too and he made all of us feel comfortable, even though he wanted us to think otherwise, especially ME.  (I got YOUR number Larry!!!)  :-)  Brad and Kent were glad he helped skin the animal and they are still talking about his ceramic knife.  Thanks again for a wonderful, memorable trip! 
Barb  Brad   Kent   Kelly

Once again Twin Pine Ranch came through with another great hunt!  Of course this could never happen if it was not for the professional people that own and operate Twin Pine Bison Ranch!  Larry and you must be good judges of people to have hired such a good guide in Brad, with good hunting skills thanks to Larry and a good personality. The skinning,cutting and wrapping went well at Grizzly Meat Packing again this year. You have done a wonderfull job keeping the herd in good shape, for the meat is really GOOOOD ! I am going to cook some more right now!                   
Thank You and Larry and Brad 
Two Old Twin Pine Hunters, 
Carl and Chet   

Thanks a lot, the morning was great. We both had a good time. I'm sure the meat will be terrific.  When Roger skinned her there was a thick layer of fat all around. Thanks again for a wonderful experience.
P.S. Brad is a great addition to the Twin Pine Team and as always we feel like old friends.

Peggy and Larry,  
Thanks again for the opportunity to come to Twin Pine.  As usual the meat is great, already had a meatloaf.  I will send you a check for next year.   We look forward to coming every year for the meat, to visit your beautiful ranch and to see you and Larry. Best Wishes   
Jerry and Nathan 

Hi Peggy, Larry and Brad
Thanks so much for our hunt this morning, Loyd and I had a great time. Thanks for letting us enjoy another fantastic experience at your awesome ranch, your hospitality is greatly appreciated as usual. We hope you have a great fall and can't wait until our next hunt!!  Looking forward to seeing you next year. 
Sincerely  Rob and Loyd    

Hi Peggy,  
Michael and I had a great time today and felt like we were back home. I enjoy our trips so much I just wish we had more time to enjoy all, but on a day as today with the heat we needed to get to Jerry's. All went well there and we made it fine. Brad was super and we both really enjoy his style. His patience and just being a good guy make the hunts really fun. We'll trust you have a great fall.  Thanks again for all.  Scott

Peggy:  Thank you so much for the great hunt again, every year it turns out to be a blast.  Roger in Cheyenne is the best, the meat turned out sooooo good. Thank you for sending us over there.We can't wait till next year. Hope you and Larry have a great winter and thanks again ... you're the best!!!!!  Kevin and the boys     

Hi Peggy.
I truly enjoyed the hunt. It was a really great birthday present to me from my spouse.  I enjoyed looking over the ranch searching for the critters.  I could have spent all day doing the hunt, but had great luck.   You have a good one in Brad.  He was very professional and treated me like one of the family.   I will be looking to book again next fall.   Thanks again to Larry and Brad for making it a great pleasure. 
Most sincerely,  Keith

Dear Peggy, Larry, and Brad,
I apologize for a belated thank you, but interestingly enough, we wanted to give you some feed-back on the meat of the older, mature bulls. In a word, GREAT! We have tried all the cuts of meat and have found them to be exceptional. No wild taste at all and the fillets can be cut with a fork! You mentioned that the meat could be tough, due to the age of the bull, but we found it even better than moose, sheep, or caribou, which we've enjoyed for the past 45 years of living in Alaska. I'm so appreciative of the history lessons that were shared by Larry as we drove around your beautiful ranch. I'm an avid reader of the history of the American west, and Larry taught me a few things that I've not read in any books. The ovens that we visited will always be one of the high points of information that I gained. Brad was about as easy-going as you can get for a guide. His attitude was always so accommodating by mentioning, "If this isn't the one you're looking for, we can look elsewhere..." He has customer service perfected as far as I'm concerned! There was never a "hurry up, this may be your only opportunity for a mature bull." He is a true professional. Just saying thank you, seems so inadequate, but I do want you to know that Brian, Adam, and I speak of the hunting experience often, especially as we enjoy the meat! The three of us have hunted all over Alaska, and we found your ranch to be as pretty and as much fun to hunt as anywhere we've been. It's my hope that we can return for another hunt. Thanks again.  Jim Sellens, Wasilla, Alaska